Day 1    Kuala Lumpur - Chengdu

Day 2    Chengdu – Xiling Snow Mountain

Day 3    Xiling Snow Mountain – Dujiangyan

Day 4    Dujiangyan – Leshan – Mt. Emei

Day 5    Mt. Emei

Day 6    Mt. Emei – Chengdu

Day 7    Chengdu - Kuala Lumpur


Tour Highlights

  • Xiling Snow Mountain (include return Yuan Yang Chi Ropeway)


  • Emei +The Golden Summit 四大佛教名山之一:峨眉山 +金顶
  • Leshan Big Buddha (by boat tour) 世界最大石刻坐佛 <乐山大佛>(含船游)
  • Panda Breeding Base (include buggy car) 世界著名的科研繁殖所-熊猫基地(含电瓶车)

** 免费赠送体验西岭雪山“蛇形雪橇” 每人一次 ** 贴心安排夜宿西岭雪山山上饭店

** 特别安排提升入住1晚成都国际品牌5饭店 (协信中心希尔顿酒店/ 同级)

Place of Visit

Chengdu / 成都 : Panda Breeding Base (include buggy car) 熊猫基地(含电瓶车),Kuanzhai Alley 宽窄巷子,Dujiangyan Irrigation System (include buggy car) 都江堰水利工程(含电瓶车) ,Jinli Ancient Street 锦里古街,Chinxi Road 春熙路,The New Century Global Center 新世纪环球购物中心

Dayi / 大邑 : Xiling Snow Mountain (include mountain shuttle bus +return Yuan Yang Chi Ropeway)西岭雪山风景区(含山上接驳公车 +双程鸳鸯池索道)

Mt. Emei / 峨眉山: Leshan Big Buddha (boat tour) 乐山大佛(船游),The Golden Summit (include return  cable car ; Huazang Temple +Woyun Nunnery) 金顶(含缆车上下;华藏寺 +卧云禅院),Mt. Emei Art Museum 艺术博物馆


Chengdu:   Grand Kingtown (1N) 准5★/ similar

成都 : 瑞廷西郊酒店 /同级

Xiling Snow Mountain:  Yingxue (1N)   4★/similar

西岭雪山(夜宿山上):  映雪酒店/同级


Dujiangyan:  Holiday Inn Express (1N)  4★/ similar

都江堰 : 智选假日酒店 /同级


Mt. Emei:  Sunshine Express (2N) 4★/ similar

峨眉山: 世纪阳光上塞酒店/同级


Chengdu:   Hilton Chenghua  5/ similar

成都 :协信希尔顿(国际品牌)/同级

Dining Highlights

  • Snow Mountain Flavor 雪山风味
  • The Golden Summit Vege Feast 金顶素宴
  • Diet Hot Pot 药膳养生汤锅
  • Cantonese Cuisine 粤菜风味
  • Sichuan Flavor 川菜风味
  • Chengdu Snacks 成都小吃
  • Barbecue Buffet 烤肉自助

Available departures

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China  China, officially know as the People’s Republic of China is a huge country within Asia that is home to the world’s largest population. With over 5000 years of known civilisation, it is a country with extremely deep roots filled with culture and heritage. Blessed with an abundance of amazing natural landscapes all the way Read more

Visa Info

** 持马来西亚护照公民进入中国旅行,需提前申请中国签证。
** Malaysian citizen who travel to China should hold a valid visa before the trip.

Insurance Info

AIG travel insurance 8Days plan (Cluster 1)

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