Day 1 KUL  Chengdu – Maoxian

Day 2 Maoxian – Muni Valley – Jiuzhaigou

Day 3 Jiuzhaigou

Day 4 Jiuzhaigou – Dujiangyan

Day 5 Dujiangyan – Leshan – Mt E-Mei

Day 6 Mt E-Mei – Chengdu

Day 7  Chengdu - Kuala Lumpur        

第一天   吉隆坡 - 成都 – 茂县                

第二天   茂县 –  牟尼沟 – 九寨沟

第三天   九寨沟

   九寨沟 – 都江堰  

  都江堰 – 乐山 –  峨眉山

峨眉山 成都       

第七天 成都 - 吉隆坡                   

Tour Highlights

  • Mouni Valley <Zhaga Waterfall> 牟尼沟风景区《扎嘎瀑布》- 中国最高的钙化瀑布
  • Jiuzhaigou Scenic Area 魅力再现《九寨沟》梦幻仙境
  • Huanglongxi Ancient Town 中国历史文化及十大水乡古镇之一 黄龙溪古镇
  • Leshan Big Buddha (include boat ride) 世界第一大石刻坐佛乐山大佛(含船游)
  • Big Buddha Temple 峨眉山最为别致的佛教文化大观园及旅游朝圣景观之一《大佛禅院》

提升安排:3晚入住国际品牌5星饭店 + 1餐5星级饭店自助晚餐 (价值 RMB138)


Place of Visit

Aba /  阿坝藏族羌族自治 : White Stone Qiang Village 白石羌寨, Mouni Valley <Zhaga Waterfall>牟尼沟风景区 <扎嘎瀑布>, Jiuzhaigou Scenic Area 九寨沟风景区,Songpan City (exclude up to city wall), 松潘古城 (不含上城楼),Diexi Lake 叠溪海子, Huanglongxi Ancient Town 黄龙溪古镇

Leshan / 乐山市: Leshan Big Buddha (include boat ride) 乐山大佛 (含船游)

Mt E-Mei / 峨眉山 : Bao Guo Temple 报国寺, Big Buddha Temple 大佛禅院

Chengdu / 成都市:Jinli Ancient Street 锦里古街, Wangjiang Pavilion Park 望江公园园林区, Panda Breeding Base (include buggy car) 熊猫基地 (含电瓶车), Kuanzhai Alley 宽窄巷子


Maoxian:    Mao Xian International (1N) 准4★/ similar

茂县:茂县国际饭店 / 同级


Jiuzhaigou:  Howard Johnson Tianyuan Resort (2N) 国际5★/ similar

九寨沟 : 天源豪生度假酒店 / 同级


Dujiangyan: Holiday Inn Express (1N) 4★/ similar

都江堰 : 智选假日酒店 /同级


Mt E-Mei:   Hua Sheng Hotel (1N) 4★/ similar

峨眉山  :华生酒店 (禅泉 . 雅舍)        同级


Chengdu: Hilton Hotel or Crowne Plaza (1N)    国际5★/ similar

成都 : 协信希尔顿 / 保利皇冠假日/同级

Dining Highlights

  • Qiang Flavor 羌族风味
  • 5* Hotel Buffet Dinner5星级饭店自助晚餐 (1餐)
  • Tibetan Flavor 藏式风味
  • Diet Flavor 药膳风味
  • Sichuan Cuisine 川菜风味
  • Cantonese Flavor 粤菜风味

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ChinaChina, officially know as the People’s Republic of China is a huge country within Asia that is home to the world’s largest population. With over 5000 years of known civilisation, it is a country with extremely deep roots filled with culture and heritage. Blessed with an abundance of amazing natural landscapes all the way to Read more

Visa Info

** 持马来西亚护照公民进入中国旅行,需提前申请中国签证。
** Malaysian citizen who travel to China should hold a valid visa before the trip.

Insurance Info

AIG travel insurance 8Days plan (Cluster 1)

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