Day 1   Kuala Lumpur - Chongqing

Day 2   Chongqing - Wulong

Day 3   Wulong - Nanchuan

Day 4   Nanchuan - Chongqing

Day 5  Chongqing - Dazu - Chongqing

Day 6  Chongqing

Day 7  Chongqing

Day 8   Chongqing - Kuala Lumpur

Tour Highlights

  • 2大世界自然遗产 & 国家5A级景区:金佛山 & 武隆喀斯特地貌 (芙蓉洞景区 +仙女山国家森林公园 +天生三桥) World Natural Heritage & National 5A Tourist Attraction: Jinfo Mountain & Wulong Karst Tourism Area (Furong Cave +Fairy Mountain National Forest Park +Natural Three Bridges)
  • 世界文化遗产 & 世界八大石窟之一:大足宝顶山石刻 Dazu Baodingshan Rock
  • 打卡网红点:轻轨穿楼 Light rail through the building

Place of Visit

Wulong 武隆:     Furong Cave (include cable car) 芙蓉洞景区(含往返索道),Fairy Mountain National Forest Park (include sightseeing vehicles) 仙女山国家森林公园 (含观光小火车),Natural Three Bridges (include sightseeing car) +cliff glass balcony天生三桥 (含电瓶车) +280米悬空玻璃眺台

Nanchuan南川: Jinfo Mountain Tourism Scenic Area (include local sightseeing bus +return cableway +sightseeing vehicles金佛山风景区 (含进山车 +往返索道 +观光车), Jinfo Mountain Tianxing Town金佛山天星小镇

Dazu 大足: Dazu Baodingshan Rock Carving (including battery car) 大足宝顶山石刻(含电瓶车)

Chongqing 重庆“Light rail through the building” 铁轨穿楼, Ciqikou Ancient Town磁器口古镇, Changjiahui长嘉汇, People’s Square 人民广场, The People’s Great Hall (view only) 人民大礼堂 (外观),China Three Gorges Museum 三峡博物馆, Eling Park鹅岭公园, Hongyadong Traditional Folk Customs Area 洪崖洞民俗風景區, Jiefangbei Walking Street解放碑步行


Chongqing (4N):  Jiayisi Hotel  4★/ similar

重庆: 佳怡斯酒店 /同级

Wulong (1N): Daweiying Resort  准5★/ similar

武隆: 大卫营度假酒店 /同级

Nanchuan (1N): Tian Xing R&H Hotel  4★/ similar

南川金佛山: 天星两江假日酒店/同级

Dining Highlights

  • Wulong Flavor 武隆风味
  • Chongqing Flavor 渝菜风味
  • Hot Pot Flavor 鸳鸯火锅风味

Available departures

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ChinaChina, officially know as the People’s Republic of China is a huge country within Asia that is home to the world’s largest population. With over 5000 years of known civilisation, it is a country with extremely deep roots filled with culture and heritage. Blessed with an abundance of amazing natural landscapes all the way to Read more

Visa Info

** 持马来西亚护照公民进入中国旅行,需提前申请中国签证。
** Malaysian citizen who travel to China should hold a valid visa before the trip.

Insurance Info

AIG travel insurance 8Days plan (Cluster 1)

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