第一天 : 吉隆坡 – 北京
第二天 : 北京
第三天 : 北京
第四天 : 北京
第五天 : 古北水镇 – 承德
第六天 : 承德 – 北京
第七天 : 北京
第八天 : 北京 – 吉隆坡

Day 1 : Kuala Lumpur - Beijing
Day 2 : Beijing
Day 3 : Beijing
Day 4 : Beijing
Day 5 : Gubei Water Village – Chengde
Day 6 : Chengde – Beijing
Day 7 : Beijing
Day 8 : Beijing - Kuala Lumpur


Tour Highlights


  • Tiananmen Square 天安门广场
  • The Imperial Palace 故宫博物院
  • The Summer Palace 颐和园
  • Juyongguan Great Wall 居庸关长城
  • Tiantan Park 天坛公园


  • Chengde Mountain Resort 避暑山庄
  • Small Potala Palace 小布达拉宫


  • Acrobatics Show 杂技表演
  • Palace 3D Art Gallery 清宫3D艺术画廊
  • Hutong tour by tricycle ride 乘三轮车游胡同
  • Gubei Water Village Visit and Overnight 古北水镇游览+夜宿体验

Place of Visit

Beijing 北京:

  • Tiananmen Square 天安门广场
  • The Imperial Palace 故宫博物院
  • The Summer Palace 颐和园
  • National Grand Theater (view only) 国家大剧院 (外观)
  • Acrobatics Show 杂技表演
  • Juyongguan Great Wall 居庸关长城
  • Palace 3D Art Gallery 清宫3D艺术画廊
  • CCTV Tower (view only) 中央电视台大楼 (外观)
  • Wangfujing Street 王府井大街
  • Tiantan Park 天坛公园
  • The Capital Museum 首都博物馆
  • Hutong Tour by tricycle ride 乘三轮车游胡同
  • Yandaixie Street 烟袋斜街
  • Gubei Water Village (include transfer out buggy car from the village) 古北水镇 (含出园电瓶车)
  • The 2008 Olympic Stadium "Bird's Nest" & "Water Cube" (view only)"鸟巢" & "水立方" (外观)
  • Qianmen Shopping Street 前门大街

Chengde 承德:

  • Chengde Mountain Resort (exclude buggy car) 避暑山庄 (不含电瓶车)
  • Small Potala Palace 小布达拉宫
  • Sledge Hammer Peak (view only) 棒棰山 (外观)


Beijing 北京:

  • Holiday Inn Express Beijing Airport Zone (4N)  4★/similar 同级

Chengde 承德:

  • Fu Man Jia Hotel (1N)  4★/similar 同级

Guibei Water Village 古北水镇:

  • Bingying Hostel (1N)  /similar 同级

*If unavailable, will replace with local similar grade accommodation

Dining Highlights

  • Beijing roasted duck 北京正宗烤鸭
  • Special roasted chicken 金牌吊烧鸡
  • Chaozhou flavor 潮州风味
  • Cantonese cuisine 粤菜风味
  • Dumpling flavor 饺子风味
  • Dongbei cuisine 东北农家风味
  • Chengde special “LaoHuoGuo” 承德著名菜色“老火锅

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China  China, officially know as the People’s Republic of China is a huge country within Asia that is home to the world’s largest population. With over 5000 years of known civilisation, it is a country with extremely deep roots filled with culture and heritage. Blessed with an abundance of amazing natural landscapes all the way Read more

Visa Info

** 持马来西亚护照公民进入中国旅行,需提前申请中国签证。

** Malaysian citizen who travel to China should hold a valid visa before the trip.


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AIG travel insurance 8Days plan (Cluster 1)

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