Day1 Kuala Lumpur – Fuzhou
Day2 Fujian –(high speed rail)– Mt. Wuyi
Day3 Mt. Wuyi
Day4 Mt. Wuyi –(high speed rail)– Xiamen
Day5 Xiamen
Day6 Xiamen – Hua An Tulou – Xiamen
Day7 Xiamen – Kuala Lumpur

第一天 吉隆坡 – 福州
第二天 福州 –(高铁2等座)– 武夷山
第三天 武夷山
第四天 武夷山 –(高铁2等座)– 厦门
第五天 厦门
第六天 厦门 – 华安土楼 – 厦门
第七天 厦门 – 吉隆坡

Tour Highlights

**世界自然文化双遗产 《武夷山》Mt. Wuyi

**中国最美溪流, 搭竹筏畅游《九曲溪》Jiuqu Stream

**中国的35个王牌景点之一 《鼓浪屿》Gulang Isle

**闽南著名的千年古刹 《南普陀寺》South Putuo Temple

**世界最美国际马拉松赛道 《环岛路》Huandao Road

**世界文化遗产福建土楼 《华安土楼》Hua An Tulou

**有台湾小九份之称,又称陆上鼓浪屿,中国原生态最文艺村落 《曾厝垵》Zeng Cuo’An Village

Place of Visit

Fuzhou 福州            coach tour passby Wuyi Square 车游五一广场, West Lake Park 西湖公园, Lin Zexu’s Memory Hall 林则徐纪念馆, Sanfang Qixiang 三坊七巷老街

Mt. Wuyi 武夷山:        Wuyishan National Tourism Resort 武夷山国家旅游度假区, Jiuqu Stream tour by bamboo rafting & overview Yunu Peak 搭竹筏畅游九曲溪 & 远眺玉女峰, Wuyi Palace +Imitation Song Dynasty Street +Sanqing Hall 武夷宫 +仿宋古街 +三清殿, Yulong Valley 玉龙谷景区, Farm home visit to taste the local product 农家品尝红菇松茸土特产

Xiamen 厦门:   Jimei School Village +Longzhouchi +Returning Hall +Statue of Mr Tan Kah Kee 集美学村 +龙舟池 + 归来堂 +嘉庆雕塑, Egret Park & Goddess of Egret’s Statue 白鹭洲 & 白鹭女神雕像, ferry ride to Gulang Isle (Wan Guo Buldings +overlooking Sunlight Rock +Longtou Business Street) 乘船往鼓浪屿 (万国建筑博览 +远眺日光岩 +龙头商业街), South Putuo Temple 南普陀寺, coach tour passby Huandao Road +overlooking Kinmen Island +Guanyin Shan Seaside Area 车游环岛路 +远眺金门岛 +观音山海滨, Hua An Tulou (Eryi Building +Nanyang Building +Dongyang Building – include buggy car or sightseeing bus) 华安土楼 (二宜楼 +南阳楼 +东阳楼), Zeng Cuo’an Village 曾厝垵


Fuzhou 福州:
Juchunyuan Ruichun Hotel     4★/ similar
聚春园瑞春酒店 /同级

Mt. Wuyi 武夷山:
Caijing Hotel   4★/ similar
财金大酒店 (原名开元世纪)/同级

Xiamen 厦门:
Hooray Hotel      4★/ similar
和悦大酒店 /同级


*If unavailable, will replace with local similar grade accommodation

Dining Highlights

  • 福州特色菜 Fuzhou Cuisine
  • 武夷山农家宴Farm Cuisine
  • 味友鸭面线 Duck Noodle
  • 鹭岛风味菜 Egret Island Flavor
  • 闽南风味小吃 Minnan Snack
  • 小海鲜风味 small seafood flavor

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ChinaChina, officially know as the People’s Republic of China is a huge country within Asia that is home to the world’s largest population. With over 5000 years of known civilisation, it is a country with extremely deep roots filled with culture and heritage. Blessed with an abundance of amazing natural landscapes all the way to Read more

Visa Info

** 持马来西亚护照公民进入中国旅行,需提前申请中国签证。

** Malaysian citizen who travel to China should hold a valid visa before the trip.


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AIG travel insurance 7Days plan (Region 1)

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