Day1 Kuala Lumpur - Changsha - Changde
Day2 Changde - Fenghuang
Day3 Fenghuang - Zhangjiajie
Day4 Zhangjiajie
Day5 Zhangjiajie
Day6 Zhangjiajie
Day7 Zhangjiajie - Changsha - Kuala Lumpur

第一天 吉隆坡 - 长沙 - 常德
第二天 常德 - 凤凰
第三天 凤凰 - 张家界
第四天 张家界
第五天 张家界
第六天 张家界
第七天 张家界 - 长沙 - 吉隆坡

Tour Highlights


“凤凰古城” (含套票) Fenghuang Ancient Town (include package ticket)

张家界重头景点 :

* 武陵第一奇观 “红石林风景区” Red Stone Forest
* 天子山 & 袁家界风景区 (单程百龙电梯 +单程缆车) ,不走回头路
Tianzhishan & Yuanjiajie Scenic Area (1 way Bailong Elevator + 1way cable car)
* 大峡谷 (世界最长最高玻璃桥+电梯+游船) Grand Canyon (Glass Bridge +Elevator +Boat Tour)
* 中国最美的旅游奇洞“黄龙洞” +专团景区讲解员 & 烟雨张家界秀
Huanglong Cave +private scenic spot conductor &《Misty Rain Zhangjiajie》 show

Place of Visit

Changde 常德Changde Pedestrain Street 常德步行街

Fenghuang 凤凰: Ancient Town package ticket 古城景区套票:(Tuojiang boat tour 沱江泛舟,Yang Ancestral 杨家祠堂,Shen Congwen’s Former Residence 沈从文故居,Xiong Xiling’s Former Residence 熊希龄故居,East City Gate 东门城楼,Hongqiao Art Building 虹桥艺术桥,Wanshou Palace 万寿宫,Wanming Tower 万名塔),Fenghuang Ancient Town night tour 古城夜游

Zhangjiajie 张家界: Red Stone Forest Scenic Spot 红石林风景区,Junshen Gallery 军声画院,Tianmen Mountain Forest Park +Tianmen Cave +Ghost Valley Plank Road (include 1way cable car +1way escalator +1way local car) 天门山森林公园 +天门洞 +鬼谷栈道 (含单程缆车 +单程手扶电梯 +单程环保车) **备注:天门洞冬季会遇结冰而取消游览,Glass Skywalk (include shoes cover) 天空步道 (含鞋套) ,Golden Whip Stream 金鞭溪,Shuiraosimen 水绕四门,Yuanjiajie Scenic Area (Bailong Elevator -1way) 袁家界风景区 (单程百龙电梯上),Esctasy Deck (overlooking) 远观迷魂台,World Bridge 天下第一桥,Yubi Peak (overlooking) 远观御笔峰,West Sea Peak Forest (overlooking) 远观西海峰林,Helong Park 贺龙公园,Fairies Scattered Flowers (overlooking) 远观仙女散花,Tianzishan Scenic Area (1way cable car) 天子山风景区 (单程缆车下),Ten Miles Gallery (with return small train) 十里画廊 (含双程小火车) ,Grand Canyon (include the Glass Bridge +Elevator +Boat Tour) 大峡谷 (含玻璃桥 +电梯 +游船),Huanglong Cave (with boat ride +private scenic spot conductor +electric car) 黄龙洞风景区 (含游船 +专团景区讲解员 +电瓶车),《Misty Rain Zhangjiajie》performance《烟雨张家界》秀

Changsha 长沙: Hunan Provincial Museum (closed on every Monday or any unforeseen circumstances, will replace visit to Slips Museum) 湖南省博物馆 (周一闭馆 或 其它特别因素无法参观,则安排简牘博物馆取代),Xiangjiang River Scenic Area 湘江风光带,HuangXing Road 黄兴路步行街


Changde 常德:
Tang's Hotel   4★/ similar

Fenghuang 凤凰:
Fenghuang International Hotel   local 4★/ similar

Zhangjiajie 张家界:
International Splendid East Hotel    4★/ similar
Best Western Grand Hotel    local 5★/ similar


*If unavailable, will replace with local similar grade accommodation

  ** 湖南全程酒店不提供一次性洗刷用品 **           


Dining Highlights

  • 常德风味 Changde Flavor
  • 苗家风味 Miao’s Flavor
  • 蘑菇风味 Mushroom Flavor
  • 韩式烧烤 Korean BBQ
  • 农家风味 Farm Flavor
  • 长沙老店 Changsha Flavor

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Visa Info

** 持马来西亚护照公民进入中国旅行,需提前申请中国签证。

** Malaysian citizen who travel to China should hold a valid visa before the trip.


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AIG travel insurance 8Days plan (Region 1)

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