Explore Taiwan for all its wonder! Visit the Leofoo Theme Park, Taoyuan night market, and much more!


  • Day 1 ¦ Kuala Lumpur 吉隆坡 →  Taoyuan桃園
  • Day 2 ¦ Taoyuan 桃園 → Taipei 台北 → Hsinchu 新竹
  • Day 3 ¦ Hsinchu 新竹 → Miaoli 苗栗 → Tainan 台南
  • Day 4 ¦ Tainan 台南 → Kaoshiung 高雄
  • Day 5 ¦ Kaoshiung 高雄 → Nantou 南投 → Taichung 台中
  • Day 6 ¦ Kaoshiung 高雄 → Nantou 南投 → Taichung 台中
  • Day 7 ¦ Taipei 台北 → Taoyuan 桃園 → Kuala Lumpur 吉隆坡

Tour Highlights

  • Experience a Taste of Africa while relaxing in unique accommodations at the resort     入住亞洲唯一生態飯店六福莊
  • Having fun in Leofoo Theme Park 玩翻六福主題樂園
  • Enjoy a worlf class cultural show - water drum 高水準的深度文化表演
  • Enjoy DIY activity such as pineapple cake 體驗自制鳳梨酥

Place of Visit

Taoyuan 桃園夜市

Taoyuan Night Market 桃園夜市

Hsinchu 新竹

Leofoo Village Theme Park 六福主題樂園

Miaoli 苗栗

Flying Cow Ranch 飛牛農場

Tainan 台南

Dakeng Leisure Farm 大坑農場

Kaoshiung 高雄

Ten Drum Cultural Village 十鼓文化村 • The Pier-2 Art Center 駁二藝術園區 • Pineapple Cake DIY 自制鳳梨酥• Leohe Night Market 六合夜市

Nantou 南投

Sun Moon Lake (with boat ride) 船游日月潭 • Wen Wu Temple 文武廟

Taichung 台中

Feng Jia Night Market 逢甲夜市 • Chung-She Flower Market 中社花海

Taipei 台北

Yehliu 野柳 • Chiufen 九分 • Taipei 101 Shopping Mall 台北101• Ximenting 西門町


  • Taoyuan — Century Hotel Local/ similar (4 Star)
  • Hsinchu — Leofoo Resort Guanshi Local/ similar (5 Star)
  • Tainan — Dakeng Leisure Farm/ similar (4 Star)
  • Kashiung — FX Inn Local/ similar (4 Star)
  • Taichung — Hotelday Local/ similar (4 Star)
  • Taipei — Sinjhuang Chateau de Chine Local/ similar (5 Star)

Dining Highlights

  • JinFeng's nostalgic cusine 金鳳樓懷舊料理
  • Restaurant of "Flying Cow Ranch" 飞牛牧场餐
  • Grill & hot pot flavor 火烤兩吃
  • Taiwan special urnroasted chicken甕仔鸡
  • Taiwan traditional grandma's cooking阿嬤的手路菜
  • Taiwan's creative cuisine 台式料理

Available departures

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Taiwan 台灣

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