Explore the cultural villages and the streets of Taiwan with us!


  • Day 1 ¦ Kuala Lumpur 吉隆坡 → Taoyuan 桃園
  • Day 2 ¦ Taoyuan 桃園 → Taipei 台北 → Taichung 台中
  • Day 3 ¦ Taichung 台中→ Changhua 新竹 → Chiayi 嘉義
  • Day 4 ¦ Chiayi 嘉義 → Tainan 台南
  • Day 5 ¦ Tainan 台南 → Nantou 南投 → Taichung 台中
  • Day 6 ¦ Taichung 台中→ Taipei 台北
  • Day 7 ¦ Taipei 台北→ Taoyuan 桃園 → Kuala Lumpur 吉隆坡

Tour Highlights

  • Be amazed by the breathtaking natural scenery that Alishan has to offer. 体验阿里山大自然风光之美
  • View the stunning National Taichung Theater which is hailed by the media as one of the world’s new landmarks.见识全球最难盖的建筑 “世界第九大新地标 ~ 台中歌剧院”
  • Explore and have fun in Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village.玩翻九族文化村
  • Enjoy DIY activities such as handmade mirror and pineapple cake.双DIY - 手工镜+凤梨酥
  • Visit the unique food center which is decorated with re-purposed shipping containers and vintage caravans.货柜美食中心

Place of Visit

Taoyuan 桃園

Taoyuan Night Market 桃園夜市

Zhanghua 彰化

Rl-manor 歐式莊園迷宮

Tainan 台南

Hinoki Village 檜意森活村• Chiayi Night Market 嘉義夜市 • Alishan Forest Park 阿里山森林遊樂區

Nantou 南投

Sun Moon Lake日月潭 • Formosan Aboriginal Village 九族文化村 • Wen Wu Temple 文武廟

Taichung 台中

National Taichung Theatre 台中歌劇院 • Feng Jia Night Market 逢甲夜市 • Commune A 貨櫃美食中心

Taipei 台北

Yehliu 野柳• Chiufen 九分 • Chung-She Flower 中社花海 • Pineapple Cake DIY 自制鳳梨酥• Taipei 101 Shopping Mall 台北101• Raohe Night Market 繞河夜市


  • Taoyuan : Century Hotel (local 4 star)
  • Taichung : Hotel day (local 4 star)
  • Chiayi : Hotel day (local 4 star)
  • Tainan : Dakang Leisure Farm
  • Taipei : Sinjhuang Chateau de Chine (5 star)

Dining Highlights

  • Hot pot buffet - Eat all you can 千葉火鍋
  • Roasted duck infuse with beer 啤酒鴨料理
  • Taiwan cuisine 台式料理
  • Urnroasted chicken 甕仔鸡
  • Dine in at "Sea King Restaurant" - Taiwan cooking style 海霸王台式料理

Available departures

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Taiwan 台灣

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